Why do you run?

Why do you run?

Typically, I run in the early mornings as a way to press the “restart” button on my day. It’s an easy way for me to invigorate my senses and chill my mood for any obstacles the day may bring.

Today…. I ran…. I ran FAST! I ran AWAY from a human eating bird! WHAT?! Yes, I knew many people would not believe me or might think that I am crazy, but it’s true. I was attacked.


Remember that timeless movie by Alfred Hitchcock? The Birds? Well, see the photo…That was me in action this morning.

I was running along thinking to myself, “MAN, my pace is excellent, I feel strong and could go for miles….” B-A-M !

My eyes shook, my head slammed forward. It felt as though someone  had taken a paddle with nails attached to it and smacked me over the head! “Am I getting attacked right now?” My thoughts and movements seemed to transform in slow motion… I grabbed for my head and screamed, “OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Nothing was around me except from the corner of my eye I saw the sweeping dark shadow of the largest wingspan I had ever witnessed, and away it escaped…

“OH MY GOD!!!!!” I was terrified, nothing else around me, no one in sight. It was dark, the sun wasn’t even awake. “…but, but, I’m a vegan…what did I ever do to YOU?!”

Why do I run? I run to be free. To show that I am stronger than any obstacle that may pop up in my life. Well, I pushed my abilities this morning. After checking for blood on the back of my head, none, thank you, I sped back home. My head aching. My thoughts spinning with questions. Why did this happen?


Why are the birds so angry?!

Keep on running.

xoxo flutter feet xoxo


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