The fashionable fashionista!

Fashion week!

I am just beyond excited. It’s hard for me to sleep at night….SERIOUSLY.

Check out the SEASALT Blog! We have some lovely, and inspiring tidbits to share!



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A nerd, yes, I am! I have the flair to absorb and gravitate towards anything that sparkles or gives off the subtle hint of well, personality. A.K.A = C O L O R !

What does the color that you wear actually represent? How can it boost your mood? How can it attract another? Let’s find out!


So?! What’s your pick for pleasure?

xoxo stay bright xoxo

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Welcoming a new family member!

Chanari had a baby. Meet some of the things we love on our SEASALT blog:


Tell us what you think?


xoxo and more xoxo

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Going , going, going…. and still going!


– Clean out closet.

– Tidy up my desk.

– Maintain my practice with inversions.

– Plan an adventure.

– Stay connected with my friends.

– Finish projects that have been started.

– Run 100 miles.




I have to say I am inspired by the human body, well more and more I should say… the mind.

My friend just finished the Leadville 100… That’s running 100 miles. 100. 100. 100! This is not just a tinkering around type of jaunt, by it’s about determination, self-motivation and your intentions of life. I am so proud and happy for him! I dedicate my motivation to YOU!

It’s about completion. Making things happen. Not just saying, “I should”, “I want”, “I will”….do this or that. It’s about taking the next step!

Step by Step. Get those goals, whatever they may be. They are your goals. Nothing is too big or too small. It’s how you play the game of life.

Be inspired by those around you- you never know what sort of impact that will have upon your life.

Cheers to MM!!! WAY TO GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

xoxo believe xoxo

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August 18, 2013 · 10:45 am

dreams of dreams.

“Opportunity looks a lot like HARD work”


This statement just makes me smile and smile and SMILE and little larger. It settles my temperamental heart as it flutters about uneasy at times. Anxious of getting my “tasks” accomplished. Following along in a mundane schedule is not my ideal lifestyle, so what is? I found my calling, yes. I cannot WAIT, to introduce to you all my most recent “baby”, my simmering pot of LOVE, my “nest” that I have been so delicately constructing… just wait, patience is a virtue.

BUT! (Big BUT), I will clue you in on some highlights… Think HEALTH, FITNESS (YOGA!), SAVORY FOOD (& supa dupa healthy!), CLOTHING, DESIGN, ART…TRAVEL!!!! HOLY cow! I cannot wait to hear your excitement on this as well!

It’s all about the journey, so let’s make dreams happen!




… Why wait, follow me on this journey!!!

xoxo MOVEandGROOVE xoxo

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Life is . . .

Do you ever wake up thinking…

What is life? Or better yet, what is the meaning of my life?

Over the years I have come to the conclusion as to WHAT fulfills this question for myself.

h a p p i n e s s .

What makes me happy?ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


It’s not about getting the huge paycheck, although it is gratifying to know that I will be able to pay the bills on time.

It’s not about having a huge posse or clan of buds that you religiously hang with; I have found out that if you become selective of whom you chose to associate yourself with, the more insightful and deeper you can soar within your knowledge of life.

It’s not about being the BEST, but simply being your best. What does this mean to you? Perhaps, trying something new: a new outlandish outfit that screams, “I LOVE LIFE!”…maybe it’s a daring posture you challenge your mind and body with at a yoga class, over and over again… It’s not about perfection, it’s about progress.

It’s about tapping in to what you value and honoring those feelings; nurturing your passions and not being persuading by others’ judgments.

So. Life is….?

What are you fulfilled by?

Take this day, as it is. Open your eyes and smile… take a step, and then another… move toward progress, to your fulfillment. A little bit more each day.


Remember, this is your life so make it everything you’ve ever wished for.

xoxo live with passion xoxo

(and fashion : ) )


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Rise and Shine.

The great and powerful , Y O U , is awaiting… Awaiting to see what your potential has in store for you this very day. How are you going to make the best of it?

Will you stop at , ” I can’t”?


Will you defeat those suffocating thoughts and prevail on to the real adventure, the adventure of LIVING. Of EXPLORING. Of CHALLENGING!

Because it’s time, time to Rise and Shine.

Click here for some Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte inspirations!

xoxo go for it xoxo

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