The List

the list, the list, the list…

what to have, what to hold and what to stalk until you get those yummy duds into your fashionable little hands of yours!

okay, i know this totally against my environmentally savvy lifestyle, but i am totally in love with FUR! get some, now, any way your can…please take in consideration the environment, and yes, faux is still a go babycakes! ; ) I would highly suggest to take this angle, you can find such amazing pieces!


  • denims
  • wild wedges
  • red-lips
  • prints (mix and match them, baby!)
  • lucite, bakelite
  • tulle, transparency, ruffles
  • pastels
  • copper tones
  • nautical strips and other influential pieces ; )
  • little white dress, see “home” page
  • harem pants
  • eco-loved leather handbags
  • vintage readers
  • statement jewelry
  • “it” stilettos, yes, i’m winking at you manoloThe next best?
  • platform heels, yes, we’re taking you to “funky-town”
  • sheer fabrics, we want you to expose your best assets!
  • simple construction, lines are linear, shapes are soft, this will allow you to layer on the details that will set you apart from “the others”….MIU MIU……….MEOW!BE INSPIRED! take in more design innovations to add to your closet from what you see! a doodle? a blade of grass? a spilled cup of coffee? this will ultimately set your style apart from those around you. let me know what you discover!

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